Sakura Gakuen
Sakura Gakuen is a team composed of international talents, recruiting four new students every year.

Abune Chie

Yu Chorin





We follow our grand principle of 90:10. Every talent takes 90% of the revenue they generate, while only 10% goes towards the company.  Based on the foundation of this motto, this will be the driving force for every talent to grow on their own.


Our unique support system, the Talent Growing Program, enables the best 2D and 3D model production and equipment/programs to help talents focus on their activities. Any member can freely use the system to develop their abilities. 


Each talent owns their models (Including the copyright). The company only has the right to use it for promotional activities. This is our company's unique system, which continuously allows talents to use their identity. No sudden graduations or disappearances is our goal to keep the viewer's satisfaction and happiness.

About Stargazer Company

Stargazer is a general agency company that deals with the overall part of Vtuber and conducts various planning and marketing so that our talents can stream smoothly. 

- Support for Vtubers with Live2D/3D Model Creation
- Thumbnail/illustration production support
- Support of production and sales of goods
- Support for music composition and sound source production/official album release
- Support for YouTube video editing and production
- Exclusive programs for 3D streaming
- Equipment support for 3D streaming
- Protection of talents with General Advisory Contracts through Law Firms
- Protection of each talent's model-related copyrights and trademarks



Entrepreneur / CEO

He was the founder and former director of Toothlife Co., Ltd., which operates Toonation, one of the largest third-party donation platform in Korea. On top of that he pursued a lot of different careers in various fields regarding business. A lot of time and effort went into the study of Vtubers. After the retirement of his previous job mentioned above, he established Stargazer.


Architect / CSO

He is a skilled programmer with around 15 years of diverse development working experience. Responsible for all of the web engineering and creation of standalone programs related to 3D tracking, we are happy to have him here in Stargazer.


Youst, a law firm, is a professional law firm that has signed a legal advisory contract with Stargazer, and conducts legal advice and practical legal affairs on behalf of Stargazer actors so that they can work smoothly.  

Artemiz is group of professional artists specialized in making content for next generation entertainments, and also a partner for Stargazer's TGP program. 

B.U.A is a Korean guild with talented artists, video editors and thumbnail creators. B.U.A is the partner guild of the TGP program, while Stargazer maintains close cooperation with them.

Artist & Advisor

Stargazer has been founded by the cooperation of various talents around the world

🇰🇷 Kumarang

Illust Artist

Excellent illustrator participating in the Stargazer TGP. He created many works as a freelance artist for a long time. Recently Kumarang even started working on Live2D models. He is one of the main artists of Stargazer. 

🇻🇳 Rai

Live2D Artist

Live2D advisor participating in Stargazer TGP. With four years of experience and his excellent skills, he has been attracting a lot of customers so far. He also is one of the main artists in Stargazer. In addition, Rai is the founder of a vietnamese Live2D community and a member of the Artemiz guild. 

🇮🇩 Rui

3D Model Artist

3D character designer and magician in Stargazer, who can bring characters to life. He has extensive experience in the 3D industry and already produced many 3D models for famous Vtuber's and companies. Loves ACG and likes to spend most of his time bringing waifus to life.

🇰🇷 Tale

KR Advisor / Editor

Korean advisor and editor with excellent video editing skills participating in Stargazer TGP. A member of the video editing team "Aria", which mainly translated the opening animation into korean. On top of that he has experience in producing and editing videos regarding Vtubers.

🇰🇷 Bul2chayo

KR Advisor

Founder of the guild B.U.A, participating in Stargazer TGP and also in charge of being an advisor. He founded the B.U.A Guild based on his long-standing listener activities, creating a huge group of talented artists.

🇦🇹 Bommie

EN/NA Area Advisor

English-speaking advisor and Physiotherapist for Stargazer TGP, currently residing in Europe. Former competitive Overwatch player who played in the World Cup, lover of animation and Vtubers, but also always open for tips and tricks regarding fitness and health.

🇯🇵 Yamada

Illust Artist

An illustrator of Fidelity who is participating in Stargazer TGP. Most of his works are beautiful and warm, with an emphasis on transparency. He is an artist who is active in Japan. 

🇰🇷 Querencia

KR Advisor

As a Stargazer's talent advisor, he has self-taught basic editing skills, supporting skills, and many ideas for content and broadcasting that have been strengthened by his life as a supporter of various games.