Applications are now open for the 3rd Gen of Sakura Gakuen.

For more information, please check the application below. (KR/EN/JP)

Talent Growth Program (TGP) Policy 

All talents of Stargazer are entitled to the ownership / copyright of their model, and anyone may use TGP policy to receive various supports such as 2d/3d model and other needs. Talents gain ownership of all supports received through TGP policy. The subsidies made by company through TGP is to be repaid by the talents 1 year from the start of contract/debut. The talents may choose to take any certain portion of their revenue from activity as a member of Stargazer to make these repayments. However, the company does not allow talents to devote more than 40% of their revenue to make this repayment to protect their livelihoods. 

Legal support

Stargazer Co., Ltd. has officially signed a legal advisory contract with the law firm, Youst, and the company will utilize it to actively protect its talents. 

Selection Process through Vote 

For fair and transparent selection process, an anonymous voting is conducted among the talents, management and the advisors for recruitment of new members. (The voting process may be skipped for special admission applications) 

No performance competition & required hours of streaming / Industry leading welfare 

We believe in growing through collaboration and communication rather than competition. There is no mandatory requirements to hours of streaming and meeting quotas. We provide the best benefits in the industry to all talents, regardless of the performance. 


All revenue related to streaming (including sales of merchandise) is shared by 90:10. Only the 10% is for the company. This is our grand principle to maximize revenues received by the talents. However, the revenue share ratio will be different for projects or advertisements planned by the company.